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Although today most people use wireless or cell phones, I recommend always considering installing wiring for phone jacks. The reason it is best to have a hard wired jack is so there aren’t any dropped or lost calls; it also protects privacy. All phone jacks should be wired with the highest quality wire available and should all be on separate runs from each jack to the utility location because this way the wire can now be used for internet or Ethernet. I take into consideration not only what the customer’s needs are today, but how they may change in the future. When the walls are open is the easiest and least expensive time to make sure this is taken care of. The same holds true for cable TV and internet, and as long as I’m pulling separate circuits, there’s a lot the customer can do with that wiring. In today’s market I often recommend buying “smart cable” – consisting of coax cable, Internet cables, phone cables, and fiber optic cable. It will handle all of today’s “smart” technology.