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Some people, specifically with regard to rooms in the front of their house, want receptacles under windows so that they are able to install decorative lighting without using extension cords. Even though the National Electrical Code has a “six foot rule” – meaning that there is a twelve foot maximum distance between receptacles – that may not be enough. One of the things that I do not want to see is that you end up with an inadequate number of receptacles, forcing you to use those hideous and unsafe extension cords. I also work with you to take into consideration what you are going to use different receptacles for. Are they going to be general use receptacles or will they require separate circuits because they are going to be used for specific purposes such as window air-conditioning or electronic devices that require surge protection? All of this is best determined before starting a job.

Many towns in Massachusetts adhere to the Massachusetts Building “Stretch Code”, an optional appendix to the Massachusetts Building Energy Code that allows cities and towns to choose to increase the energy efficiency requirements for all new homes, additions and renovations. This means that for these types of jobs, a certain percentage of the lighting needs to be either compact florescent or LED (light emitting diode). One thing that I always take into consideration in these situations is whether you want fixtures that are dimmable. If so, I’ll make sure the fixtures I recommend to you have dimming capable ballasts that are designed for compact florescent bulbs.