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Ed Teehan, Master Electrician

Ed Teehan graduated from Coyne Electrical School with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in 1986. He earned his electrical journeyman’s license in 1991 and has been a master electrician since 1993 when he started his own electrical contracting business, specializing in residential electrical design. In addition to his twenty-six years of experience as an electrician, he holds certification through the U.S. Department of Labor as an authorized OSHA construction safety trainer, is a licensed vocational instructor in the state of Massachusetts and has served as an alternate wiring inspector for the towns of Bedford and Lexington, Massachusetts. Certified through the National Youth Coaching Association and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, Ed has coached girls’ softball, boys’ basketball and coed little league. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Elks Lodge.

Why did you choose to be an electrician?

I’ve always been a “hands-on” type of person, so after high school I knew I wanted to do something that was both mentally and physically challenging. I wanted a career, not just a job, and I believed that this was possible in the electrical industry. Being an electrician requires a high level of skill, education and licensing which appealed to me. I’ve enjoyed being able to work in diverse and challenging environments solving problems for my customers. I also enjoy the challenge of interpreting codes, drawings and schematics. I have found it to be a rewarding life-long career.

What do you find the most satisfying aspect of your work?

I love what I do especially when I finish a job and see the look on the customer’s face. I always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I want to provide my customers with a valuable service at a reasonable price. Owning my own business has allowed me to take on a number of different roles and responsibilities; I especially enjoy the sense of achievement I get from solving the diverse challenges each job demands.

How would you describe your company’s philosophy?

Our philosophy is to provide superior customer service. We have the ability not only to bid a job but to complete it in a timely and efficient manner. All our quotations and estimates are given in writing with no hidden charges. We return all calls within twenty-four hours. We provide a three year warranty on labor and a one year warrantee of all products. All of our work meets or exceeds state and national electrical codes and U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA standards. That’s how we live up to our motto – Custom Electrical Solutions Masterfully Crafted.

What has been your most rewarding project?

My biggest reward is working with my customers on a personal basis. I enjoy the back and forth dialogue that results in customers knowing exactly what works for them and what they want. I make sure that the ships sail in the same direction, that we work together to accomplish a common goal. I also enjoy fixing the mistakes of other electricians, solving problems and thinking outside the box. I do whatever it takes to get the job done. One hundred percent quality and pride goes into every job.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

I consider my biggest accomplishment to be my ability to overcome any challenge that comes my way. I’ve always lived by the motto that winners never quit and quitters never win.

Other than your work, what are you passionate about?

Without a doubt it is my three children; I would be totally lost without them. Even when times are trying, I realize that life is good and I am blessed to have three beautiful, healthy kids. I love being with them. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them. I am also very fortunate to have loving parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews. In trying times, one learns who really cares about them. I also am very lucky to have a friend who cares for me and would do anything for me. She means the world to me; without her this whole endeavor would be fruitless.